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Pediatric Physical Therapy



LEAP started with one little girl, her mom, and their journey. The heart of LEAP is to enrich the lives of our clients and their families by providing exceptional services in a loving environment. Understanding, patience, and kindness are the foundation of LEAP and drive our commitment to our clients and their families. At LEAP, our care and dedication reaches far beyond our standards in practice and embraces each child and their family with open arms and open hearts while building a community of support.

"You only get one life to live, but if you live it right, one life is all you need."

David Sabovich



"Our son Klein was unable to hold his weight unsupported. Through 3 intensives with Amanda he was able to start pulling up, cruise and now WALK. A dream we assumed was a year off! Even our home therapist was shocked by his progress! Klein at this time also took speech, due to significant delays. And Mrs Carolyn was the perfect compliment to his physical progress. She found what kept Klein interested and used that to helped him turn his babbling into words and now sentences. To say LEAP changed our lives is an understatement! We are truly living a life we only dreamed of when we found out Klein’s setbacks and difficulties!!  Thank you seems inadequate, but thank you none the less!!!"

The Merritt Family

"Hands down, sending our son to Leap was the best choice we have ever made for our son. I remember when I first brought up the idea to my husband, he was very skeptical. Although we usually make decisions as a team, this was one that I knew we had to do whether he was on board or not. After the three weeks my husband was ready to sign him up for another intensive as soon as possible. Amanda, Carolyn, and Corinne made him a believer! I cannot thank them enough for all their hard work, passion, and dedication that they put into our son. It was here that I saw him take his first steps, hear his first words, and see him grow into a little boy! He grew in so many ways during his time at Leap, and I will always be so incredibly thankful for our time there."

The Bakker Family

"Our son's journey with LEAP is one of the most important and soul-lifting opportunities we as parents have been able to provide for our family. Having a neuro-atypical child is challenging, with impactful therapeutic options few and far between, if available at all. LEAP changes all of that. Dr. Amanda personalizes her CME-based PT sessions to our son's unique physicality with such accuracy, precision, and outright TLC that his progress throughout each three-week intensive is truly astounding. Not being able to walk on his own without a walker at age five, Bennett took 17 steps completely on his own at the end of his second intensive. To experience his joy while observing his hard work and determination with the extraordinary leadership provided by Dr. Amanda is pure elation. Furthermore, the guidance, care, and friendship provided by LEAP Founder, Corinne, is indispensable to our LEAP journey."

Kylie and Trevor

"Visiting Leap Therapy was hands down the best decision we have ever made for our son Crew. The progress he made in such a short time was nothing short of phenomenal. Crew left stronger and with more skills in communication. It was like watching my boy come alive. Amanda and Carolyn were not only exceptional at what they do, but so incredibly loving with our son. We will never be able to thank them enough, and are true believers in the benefit of Intensive Therapy." 

The Cline Family

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