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Our Approaches


Cuevas Medek Exercises (CME®)

Cuevas Medek Exercises (CME®) is a pediatric therapy approach created by Ramón Cuevas in 1972 for children with developmental delays caused by a known or unknown non-degenerative syndrome impacting the central nervous system. Cuevas established the basic goal of CME® - to create a method of exercises that will provoke the automatic postural responses through the use of specific dynamic exercises in children who are delayed, in spite of their neurological damage and level of awareness. 

Pediatric Physical


LEAP Specializes in helping children with Neurological disabilities and improve their gross motor abilities through therapeutic activity, movement and play. While each therapy session will vary from child to child LEAP Physical Therapists always engage their clients with a loving and challenging approach that encourages growth and achievement. 

Pediatric Speech


We offer individualized therapy sessions for clients focusing on the following areas of communication: early intervention, pediatric sign language, oral-motor, articulation, Aphasia, Dysarthria, Apraxia, fluency (stuttering), language, Autism Spectrum Disorders, auditory processing, and pragmatic language. 

Pediatric Feeding

At LEAP, we offer a sensory-motor approach so that our patients will learn how to manage different textures of food safely, focusing on building the strength, control, and coordination of the muscles of the mouth to manage cup and straw drinking as well as accepting and chewing a variety of solid foods.  Through play and exercises, we explore foods in a non-threatening environment while building skills.  We use a team approach between caregivers, therapist, and coordinating with your medical team to make sure that your child's nutritional needs are safely met.

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